Conductive Education is Amazing

a•maz•ing [ ə máyzing ]

1. causing amazement: so extraordinary or wonderful as to be barely believable or to cause extreme surprise
  an amazing escape
2. outstanding: outstandingly good, skillful, or admirable ( informal )
  an amazing concert

Conductive Education is amazing.

For the past six weeks K and I have been attending a program for children with cerebral palsy called Conductive Education. The program has been amazing, the kids are amazing; the conductor is amazing, the parents are amazing, K is amazing! All of the little bits of things that have been taught over and over and over are sticking. You can see the progress in each child. Everyone has different goals to achieve yet the same exercise for all serves a multitude of purposes. K has tight spastic muscles while the others are loose. When we bend one knee and keep the other straight the emphasis for K is on keeping his leg straight while for the rest of the group it is holding the bent knee in center and keeping the foot flat. For some making any mark on the page is significant while for others practise with identifying shapes, size or same and different is the goal. For K, printing has been a challenge that he eagerly anticipates each day. There have even been some successes with using the potty. All of the children are encouraged to answer yes and no questions and using the voice is a goal for each. K has become very vocal, especially this past week, and has discovered the “echo” microphone and “sings” long renditions of "baba-babababa-ba-baba" all in varying intonations. Such sweet music to my ears.

The summer program has ended. Our conductor has moved on to live out her life’s dreams. We will miss her encouraging words and optimistic attitude. Good luck to you in your own special journey ZZ.

Where do we go from here? The goal will be to maintain the gains we have made. With a growth spurt K’s muscles will tighten as the bones lengthen. Through attending the conductive education program I now have a solid stretching program that I can follow. With dedication I am confident that K will be able to continue to straighten his legs and gain confidence with his standing skills. Looking toward the future, we need to get a program up and running that will offer all children with mobility issues the opportunity to meet their full potential. We will work towards raising funds for further Conductive Education sessions for K. We pray that a conductor will become available to us in short order.

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